Clinical Case Management

Clinical Case Management is a specialized service offered by The Relapse Project. It is designed to provide comprehensive and personalized support to individuals and families navigating the complex process of treatment and beyond. We work collaboratively with clients, treatment providers, and support systems to oversee and ensure a holistic approach to care.

By conducting thorough assessments and understanding unique needs, we develop tailored care plans that address underlying issues, coordinate treatment options, and facilitate access to vital community resources. Throughout the recovery journey, we provide ongoing guidance, monitor progress, and make necessary adjustments to optimize outcomes. With a focus on client advocacy and empowerment, we strive to foster lasting transformation and help individuals and families achieve sustained recovery. Through transparent communication, compassionate guidance, and a commitment to excellence, our Clinical Case Management services aim to bridge gaps in care, maximize client engagement, and facilitate a path towards renewed health and well-being.

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Comprehensive Assessment:


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